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Iowa Buyers Club Refunds

Welcome to the Information Website for Iowa Buyers Club Refunds


This website contains information about refunds resulting from legal cases brought by Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller. 

The legal cases involved consumers being improperly enrolled in memberships programs, often without their knowledge, and subsequent charges to their credit cards or bank accounts. The cases create a $40 million fund for refunds to Iowa consumers who were charged for membership programs, beginning as early as 1989.  These cases are against Affinion Group Inc.,Stonebridge Benefit Services, Inc. and Vertrue, Inc.


  • Eligibility for a refund has been determined from the companies’ membership records.  If you received the postcard notice that was mailed about July 7, 2014, you are eligible for a refund payment. Review the postcard you received, or click on the copy at Notice of Refund below, for instructions on what to do to make sure the check is sent to the right address.  Notice of Refund
  • Most refunds will be in the $5 to $40 range, but some will be substantially higher.  The amount of the refund will depend in part on the number of consumers on the membership lists who can be located, so there is no way of determining the exact amount anyone will receive in advance.

  • Distribution of refund checks has begun and is expected to be completed by the end of this year (2014).  Most Iowans eligible for a refund will receive a single check, although some Iowans whose names appear on customer lists of more than one company may receive morethan one check.


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